Expopharm 2022 - Nice to meet you!

geplaatst op: 01-09-2022

We are excited to inform you about our latest developments! We’ll be meeting new and old clients at Exopharm in Munich from September 14th till 16th. We’ll be bringing Dutch stroopwafels, Orange cocktails and decent coffee, so don’t hesitate to come visit us or make an appointment. If you don’t have tickets yet, please let us know and we can see what we can do to help you out. 

You’ll find a short summary below of our recent developments. 

  • Orangepharma has been appointed as exclusive distributor for Aguettant on the Dutch market for a new launch planned for Oktober 2022.

  • Orangepharma has been appointed as exclusive distributor for Rovi (Spain) on the Dutch market for the wholesale of Enoxaparine into wholesale, pharmacies and hospital

  • Orangepharma has been appointed by a leading Health Insurance company as preferred supplier to all pharmacies on St Maarten. 

  • Orangepharma has been appointed as exclusive distributor for Covetrus in the Dutch Caribbean territory

  • Orangepharma acquired 100% ownership of Pharmastore NV located in St Maarten for marketing and distribution in the Dutch Antilles territories.

  • Orangepharma has obtained 100% ownership of the wholesale facilities on Danzigweg 14 and 16 allowing the wholesale to quadriple in distributioncapacit

  • Orangepharma has started a decicated wholesale activitity aimed to provide a one-stop-shop supply to  Esthetic health clinics in The Netherland

  • Orangepharma doubled commercial turnover in the overseas Hospitalmarket and grew again this year over 30% in the Pharmacymarket.

  • Orangepharma has closely cooperated with governmental organisations and Hospitals to provide emergencys medical relief shipments to Ukrain.

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