Orange Pharma at Expopharm in Düsseldorf

geplaatst op: 03-10-2023

We as Orange Pharma a pharmaceutical wholesaler, recently had the opportunity to exhibit our extensive range of products and services at the highly anticipated Expopharm held in Dusseldorf. Our participation in this pharmaceutical gathering turned out to be a remarkable success. Upon entering the exhibition hall, attendees were drawn to our Orange Pharma booth. Adorned in shades of orange and white. A large banner proudly displayed the company's commitment on being "Simply Personal."

Extensive range of medicines and healthcare supplies

Throughout the event, our team of dedicated professionals engaged with pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and industry experts, offering insights into our vast selection of pharmaceutical products. Attendees were particularly intrigued to our commitment of providing a comprehensive range of medications and healthcare supplies to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Also people where very happy with our personal way of communicating.

'Orange cello' happy hour

One of the highlights of Orange Pharma's booth was our happy hour with orange cello. Attendees had the opportunity to have a chat with our personnel while enjoying a lovely drink and a snack. By getting to know our personnel, visitors were thoroughly impressed and eager to explore Orange Pharma's wholesale offerings further.

Valuable partnerships

Networking opportunities were abundant at the event, and we seized every opportunity to connect with key stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry. These interactions led to valuable partnerships and collaborations that promise to strengthen the distribution network for essential medications. As the final day of Expopharm came to an end, our team couldn't help but reflect on their experience. The event had not only allowed them to showcase our extensive product range but also provided us  with a deeper understanding of the evolving pharmaceutical distribution landscape.

Our mission

With a sense of accomplishment and inspiration, Orange Pharma left Expopharm in Dusseldorf with a renewed commitment to their mission of supplying healthcare products to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers. We remain dedicated to ensuring that quality healthcare solutions are accessible "Everywhere".

Orange Pharma's presence as a wholesaler at Expo pharm in Dusseldorf was undoubtedly a memorable and successful endeavour, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and reinforcing our position as a pharmaceutical distributor. We are looking forward to participating again next year in Munich Germany, from 9 October till 12 October.



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